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News update (on time!) 13/1/13

Hello! Hopefully it is Monday so I’m on time!

Anyway, tons of cool stuff on the news this week so let’s get cracking!

    • Fishermen are having lessons in the different kinds of shark in British waters so that they know what kind of fish are in their catch. This means experts can monitor shark stock to ensure conservation.
    • Staying on sharks, people in Ukraine are complaining about a shark in a shopping centre because his tank, they say, is too small and he needs space to move about for his shark rights.
    • A hidden colony of emperor penguins have been seen by human eyes in Antarctica for the first time. It proves there are more emperor penguins than first thought.
    • Time for some humans (sort of). The Royal Mail says they’re going to release DOCTOR WHO stamps!!!!! Yay! Every Doctor is going to get his first-class stamp to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who. My favourite Doctor is the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee (strange I know, but I’ve had experience with all Doctors).
    • The wreck of the Costa Concordia will be out of the water by September at the latest, officials say. The ship sank in January last year because the caption was showing off and not controlling his ship properly so the ship hit a rock. Worse still, the captain abandoned the ship before his passengers. Consequently, about 30 people died and the captain was charged.
    • The royal baby (you know the one) will be born in July. This birth is historic because for the first time in British history, if the baby is a girl and she has a younger brother, the girl will be monarch instead of the boy. Traditionally, boys would be king because the old rule dictated that the oldest male heir would be king (it means that even a prince had 18 older sisters, the rule used to be that the boy would be king.)

mister youve got lightning through your bow tie

Over there is Nero, beside him is Augustus, then there's Caligula, Domitian and Octavius... get it?

Over there is Nero, beside him is Augustus, then there’s Caligula, Domitian and Octavius… get it?


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I'm 16 years old. I like animals, lasagne, comic books, films, role-playing games and Doctor Who. I write cool stuff - Doctor Who, science fiction, film reviews, and quirks about Britain. I have a blue-tongued skink called Georgy and a cat called Billy.

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  1. Yes, just spotted Claudius…!

  2. Graham Williams

    Your taste in Dr Whos is appalling. Baker (Tom), Davison, Ecclestone and Tennant were all better. However Troughton, Baker (Colin) and McCoy were all much worse. I do agree with you that the Dr Who stamps are a really good idea and I will probably get a set myself.

  3. Yes, you are on time this week – but it is (was) 14/1/13 not 13/1/13!

    Took me a couple of seconds to get the penguins caption – but it was quite late when I was reading!

    Oh, and bonus points for not suggesting that Julius Caesar was one of the penguins. As any fule kno he was never an emperor – and he never invaded Britain, either 🙂

    • Caligula also tried to invade Britain but failed because he forgot to tell his army about the invasion. He then declared war on the the God of the Sea and collected sea shells as hostages.

      He also made his favourite horse, Incinteus (I think that’s his name) counseller. Mad or what?


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