Who’s the worst Roman emperor?

Reading my kings and queen reviews, you may think that there are some pretty nasty people (Edward I, Mary I), or just plain useless (Charles I, James II).

But, in the Roman Empire, there were even nastier people ruling Rome. Here’s just some of the nastiest emperors.

(Just a note. The research that I did contained some unsuitable info about some rulers. I’ve just written the information that’s suitable).


Caligula: No list of emperors can be complete without this bloke. He would murder anyone in the Senate who argued with him and chop people’s hands off if they told a lie near him. He was also very sensitive about his hairiness and anyone who whispered “goat” near him would be killed.

Elagabalus: Probably nastier than Caligula. He would sacrifice children then use their guts to read the future. He also catapulted venomous snakes at the crowds of Rome and his lottery system had prizes like dead dogs, flies, bees, wasps or even an execution note. He also made his guests eat rocks and wax and sneak lions on their beds! Oh, and he was only 14.


Commodus: This emperor liked pretending to be a gladiator. When he lost he had his enemy killed and then make the crowd cheer or he’d release the lions on the crowd. Anyone he practised with got sacrificed and he loved killing exotic animals.


Nero: Not as bad as people imagined him to be, Nero still threw Christians in the gladiator battles and also use them as human candles in his parties. He changed the Olympic season so all the medals went to him and anyone who refused to call him a god got chucked into the sewers. He had his mother stabbed and chopped his wife’s head off to give to his new wife- who he kicked to death later.


Caracalla: Liked killing citizens when they forgot or underpayed tax, Caracalla also killed his younger brother – just so Caracalla could rule on his own. He also invaded Alexandria, looted the city and enslaved or killed the citizens.

Who do you think is the most horrible emperor? Vote on the poll below or leave a comment with more horrible info on these or emperors you think should be on part 2!


3 thoughts on “Who’s the worst Roman emperor?

  1. Really interesting topic – thanks, Ben. I had not heard of a couple these emperors, so I did some research myself. I would eliminate Elagabalus on the grounds of his extreme youth and the fact that history may have overly blackened his name (bit like Richard III). Without doubt he was a nasty piece of work, but was born into a way of behaving that had been well established by Caracalla – who knew exactly what he was doing. From the lot you have presented here, I would stick with Caligula as the nastiest. However, I reserve the right to change my nomination when you publish part 2, as Roman emperors are not a strong point in my knowledge base.

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