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Christmas update (bit late)

Late Christmas wishes and early New Year wishes! I know I haven’t written in AGES but I have been reading my new Royal Tombs book, which I received as a Christmas present. I have also been busy watching my new Horrible Histories DVDS ! Yay! I’ve also taken an interest in Roman Emperors (I’ll do a worst emperors roundup some time soon).

Anyway, it’s time to do a news flash on the last two weeks (it was Christmas Eve last Monday).

  • Bradly Wiggins, winner of the Sports Personality award, has been knighted by the Queen.
  • Plans are being made in Bolivia and Brazil to save turtle species. Millions of turtles have been killed to get meat and eggs.
  • 34 pounds of ivory has been harvested from elephants this year, making 2012 the worst year for campaigns against elephant poaching.
  • Over 120 new animal species have been discovered in the Mekong area of Asia, including devil bats, singing frogs and walking catfish.
  • Argentina and Chile are on alert after the Copahue volcano has erupted.
  • Mo Farah (the winner of the 10,000 meters running) is outraged that US officials have to check him every time he tries to enter America because of his origins. He even showed the customs his medals but they still had to check him.
  • A new inquiry has been made into the Hillsbrough disaster in 1989, where 96 people were crushed in a rush to reach a football stadium in Liverpool.
Mo Farah doing his trademark "mobot"

Mo Farah doing his trademark “mobot”


Look at all those turtles!

Aaaargh! It's a devil bat!

Aaaargh! It’s a devil bat!


About Ben Williams

I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  1. I missed the volcano and Mekong Delta stories, so I’m just about to go on-line to find out more.Thanks.

  2. Dear Ben,

    I love your summary, especially all the interesting news about animals.

    This Christmas, the song ‘He ain’t heavy, he is my brother’ became the Christmas No 1 song. This song is in support of Hillsborough tragedy.


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