I found William II in Winchester

Hello! Yesterday I went to Winchester Cathedral to hear my mum sing Christmas carols at a school choir.

While we were waiting, I remembered that Jane Austen and, more importantly, WILLIAM II, were buried in Winchester Cathedral. I was actually sitting next to Jane Austen’s tomb.

After the service, we tried to find William II’s tomb, which was in separate little boxes near the back. So, I went to look for them.

After a while, we asked a verger (someone who looked after the priest) where William II was buried. She said that he was currently being examined for DNA stuff and such, but in about 18 months’ time the place where he is being examined will be open to the public! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This inspired me to go on a quest: find out where all the kings and queens are buried and take a photo of their tomb. I have done some research and found out where all the monarchs are buried. It will be a LONG time and our summer holiday might have to be rescheduled but I WILL find everybody.

In about two weeks time I will be in Reading finding Henry I’s tomb!

On the way out I took a picture of Jane Austen’s tomb and found a rather interesting sign.

Jane Austen's Tomb in Winchester

IMG_5783 Norman stones have been reused

17 thoughts on “I found William II in Winchester

      1. yes, they did – or just have done. Though, according to the subtitles on Sky News it could have been “Rich and the third” or “which are the third”

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