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Who is the best English monarch? Part 3

Hello! Continuing our marathon of monarchs of England, and who YOU think is the best one, we continue with Edward VI to James II!

  Edward VI: Known as the “Boy king” because he became king at nine. The government was in control of his uncle, Duke of Somerset. Unfortunately he didn’t do any ruling of his own because he died only 15.

  Mary I: Had the queen that Edward VI chose (Lady Jane Grey), executed, tried to make England Catholic, and killed a lot more people.

Elizabeth I: Restored Protestant England BUT had her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots, excecuted for having a different faith BUT defeated the Spanish Armada because her grandfather started the navy.

 James I: Was King of England AND Scotland because his mum, Queen of Scots, died and Elizabeth I died without an heir. So, along comes James I and VI and he survives the Gunpowder plot and introduced a new version of the Bible.

  Charles I: Unpopular because he sparked the Civil War and lost. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!


(Also his son Richard ruled for about a year but got kicked out of the country)

Charles II: After Oliver Cromwell died, Charles II returned to England and had a big PARTY! Known as the Merry Monarch, Charles II survived the Great plague and the Great Fire of London.

James II: Tried, but failed miserably to restore Catholicism to England. His daughter married the Dutch prince and rebelled against James, driving him out of the country.

So remember, say who YOUR best English/Scotish monarch was and why! Part 4 coming soon!


About Ben Williams

I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  1. EI is my choice.

    Just to point out: she had MQoS executed because of the plot to murder her, EI.

  2. Graham Williams

    It’s got to be Elizabeth. She resisted offers of alliance through marriage with Spain and France and encouraged English explorers to go to new places (OK most of them were pirates or slavers, but they made England rich and powerful). She would be an outstanding ruler in any company, but among this lot she is an absolute star. In passing, has there ever been two more useless monarchs than Charles I and James II?

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