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Who is the best english monarch- part 2

Hello! Following the success of part 1, I’ve decided to do part 2! Here we go!

 Henry IV: Overthrew Richard II (boo-hoo) and fought off Richard’s supporters, Welsh revolts and people trying to nab the throne of HIM (it would have served him right!)

Henry V: Restored Edward III’s claim to the French throne and fought the French at the battle of Agincourt (Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more, and close this wall up with our English dead… Shakespeare reference).

Henry VI: Crowned at nine months old, went mad, got overthrown, became King again, got overthrown AGAIN and then died.

Edward IV: Became king, got overthrown, became King again and STAYED ON THE THRONE! (Notice where this is heading?)

 Edward V: Became King but was proved illegitimate. Locked up in the Tower. Some say (SHAKESPEARE!) that Richard III had him and his brother killed.

Richard III: Not as bad as SHAKESPEARE portrayed him, Richard was killed in battle at the Battle of Bosworth Field (A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse… sorry)

Henry VII: Married a York and ended the War of the Roses. Also started the navy.


 Henry VIII: Closed monasteries, killed monks, burned Protestants. Hmm… what else about Henry VIII? Oh yeah. HE HAD SIX WIVES! (Almost forgot that=)

Look out for part 3, Edward VI to James II soon!


About Ben Williams

I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  1. I’d go with HVII because he brought peace.

    I’ve always been a monarchist but, reading your summaries, I’m beginning to wonder if Republicanism is that bad 🙂

  2. I have to admit that I’ve always liked Henry VIII. He kept England pretty stable. And, although in later years he spent far too much money on the wars with France, to the general public, it was probably one of the most peaceful and prosperous reigns to date. I also have sympathy with his desire for a son. His father had been almost obsessive about keeping the Tudors on the throne, and Henry VIII inherited that obsession. He needed an heir to keep England peaceful, and was terrified of what would happen if there was no male heir to take over from him. He also suffered from being on the throne for so long – over time he undid a lot of the good he did in the early years, and he also lost trust in his closest advisors (and his wives). If you separate out the man from the king, as king he was actually alright. And of course, he has brought us a fortune in tourist money over the centuries…Henry VII might have been a technically better King, but goodness me, he was boring!

  3. Graham Williams

    Without any doubt it is Henry VII. Without his vision and commitment to the defence of England, we would not have had a strong navy and without a strong navy we would have become a province of Spain less than 80 years after his death (Spanish Armada 1588). He recognised that control of the seas was the way to expand trade and grow as an Imperial power and was the first to devise the strategy that ultimately lead to the formation of the British Empire.

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  7. Was it protestants that H VIII burned, or catholics? (I mean, cathlics that H VIII burned, not catolics that burned protestants).


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