Tragedies of the chickens

In Science yesterday, we dissected a chicken leg to find out how muscles work. Then I thought, why don’t I write a post about my chickens?” So here it is…

My chickens, otherwise known as Talon, Fluffball and Redwing, are three orange chickens. Redwing and Fluffball were bought quite recently, and Talon is an oldie. But there is a story about why she’s older than the other two…. Here comes a story of tragedy, murder, and love (not really).

Our chickens: Talon, Fluffball and Redwing

Two years ago, my parents bought some chickens. I called them Shadow, Talon and Fireball.

Our old chickens: tragedies struck twice

We would get eggs practically every morning and I would make scrambled eggs for breakfast. We had several incidents involving rats stealing chicken food, broody chickens and chicken escapades. However, these are minor compared to the tale of tragedy you’re about to hear. (Shakespeare, keep note, you might want to write it as a play.) Later, something utterly devastating happened. Shadow died. OO Georgy (my pet lizard, a blue tongued skink) was on the case. Here is Georgy’s report on the incident:

The case for the “Chicken Catastrophe” by Skink, Georgy

“At the time, we had a cat named Billy. He was originally a stray cat at Asda the supermarket, until a cat rescue center came and took him in. We bought Billy to get rid of the rats and he successfully drove the rats away. We thought Billy was a superb rat catcher.

After about a month, Billy vanished. We didn’t know where he was but the day after, mum told me one hen (Shadow) had been brutally slaughtered in the night.  Dad reported that the chicken was found with her head almost severed, and blood was seeping around everywhere . I suspected a rat… no, not the animal, the expression. I thought Billy had killed her and ran away for the shame of it. Here is my interpretation of what had happened.”

Georgy’s case file for the chicken catastrophe

And THEN (you might have already heard about this on my About page), during our holiday, our neighbour’s dog killed our other hen Fireball. Dad bought Fluffball and Redwing to replace them.

I felt quite sad about the death of both chickens. My mum was distraught.

Now all our 3 chickens are safe and happy in the garden. Our neighbour had mended the fence, so their dog couldn’t get into our garden anymore.


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