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OK, who’s being illegal?

When we went to the Singapore Science Centre a few weeks ago, we went to a section about animal protection. In the first cage I saw a beautiful leopard gecko, but SHOCK-HORROR!!!!!!!! The sign explained it was illegal to keep them in Singapore. I was baffled.


I told mum that in England you can keep leopard geckos at home as they are treated as pets. The proof: My friend keeps one in his room. I bet that blue tongued skinks like Georgy are also banned in Singapore. I’ve kept Georgy for about 2 years and we look after her very well. She is about 80 cm long and has gone through two vivariums. I feed her frozen mice called fluffies, locusts, banana, salad (What!? She needs her 5 a day!) grapes and fresh scrambled eggs — the eggs from our hens. She also likes snails but we haven’t found any from the garden to feed her. We feed Georgy once every 2-3 days, but sometimes she eats when she feels like it.

The leopard gecko is hidden at the back on the left

Mum said that the reason they’re banned in Singapore is because there’s not enough room in a little flat where most people in Singapore live. Also the temperature is not suitable.

I was playing with Joe’s leopard gecko 3 years ago!

Well, England is colder than Singapore and I manage to keep a blue tongued skink in a heated vivarium, which I turn on the heat to 28 or 30 degrees in the morning and turn it down at night to 18. Georgy’s species lives in tropical and desert areas in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Yet, she lives happily in our home, which is colder than the places where her species live.


However, in the same area there was a pig nosed turtle and the sign read that you’re not allowed to keep them as pets either. I agree on that because pig nosed turtles are endangered and more exotic.

You shouldn’t keep pig nose turtle as pet

So, what do you think? Have you got any exotic pets at home? How are they kept?


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I am a 17 year old pop culture addict from the south of England. I write about Doctor Who, superheroes, fantasy, films and occasionally dive into the random world of British culture.

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  1. That’s a horrible setup for a leopard gecko.


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