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Indonesia day 4 – What do you get if you cross a bird nest and an egg?

That will be revealed later.

On the morning we were supposed to leave I did another round of kayaking with mum. After that we had lunch. Every day the kitchen helpers cooked some seafood with chili for us. They cooked rice, crab, fish (naturally) and lobster. Unfortunately, I have spicy-thingaphobia (which in English means I don’t like chili). So, they always made me extra egg.

One lunch, I decided to help cook my eggs. Andrew showed me how to do bird-nest eggs (Told you it was coming up). You beat the eggs (harder if they’re naughty) normally and add pepper and whatever you like to it. Then you lift the egg above the pan and drop the egg onto the pan and let it cook for about 2 minutes. There was a LOT of oil covering the bottom of the pan. After that, put the egg on a sieve to let the oil drip away. Then you can eat your fluffy yummy bird nest eggs.

Eggy falls

Cooking eggs and preparing calamari

Another thing I helped with was calamari. This involved cut up sotong (a Malay word for squid) in rings and mixed it with flour and pepper mixture. You dip the sotong into the flour and completely coat it. Then you fry it in the pan (with oil, but you didn’t need to know that). This is how the calamari were made:

More calamari

I also learned some more Malay words. 1 to 10 is

Satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima, enam, tujuh, lapan, sembilan, sepuluh.

Good morning is Selamat Pagi.

How are you and I’m well thank you is:

Apa khabar? Khabar baik.


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  1. Cerita menarik, makanan bagus. Pedas tak suka? Kesian!


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