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Indonesia day 3 – What’s in the sea?

At night in Labun Island, you can get a whole new cast of characters under the sea. On the first night one of the fishermen got a squid. When he caught it, we put it on the floor and we had a look at it. Andrew explained that it was a green eyed squid and that it was a pretty common catch there. Afterwards everyone except me had fresh sashimi… guess where it came from. But don’t worry, the squid are very common so we didn’t cause an endangered animal to be killed.

Green eyed squid

A hands-on experience with a squid

The following day a lady caught a turtle. Everyone got a few pictures of it but Daisy the dog wasn’t happy and kept barking at it. Later it got released into the mini- aquarium.

I think you’ll know what this is in a TURTLE-SHELL.

In the afternoon we went kayaking. You basically have a double oar and you push the water away from you with your oar to push the kayak forward. I got a bit stuck in the rock and was stranded. Luckily Andrew pushed my kayak forward with his leg so I could continue. It was a thrilling experience.

A helping foot from Andrew

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Have you ever been kayaking? Have you ever caught anything interesting when fishing?


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  1. In four years’ time you could be doing this for England in Rio de Janeiro. With a bit more practice.

  2. Hey, Ben – I’ve nominated your blog for a Readers Appreciation Award. The details are here:

    I know some people find these awards annoying or spammy. Please know that I’m not expecting you to follow the instructions (unless you want to)! I really put your name on my list to encourage my readers to visit your blog.

    In my review, I mentioned that you would have been bullied at my school. In case it’s not clear, I don’t think you should be bullied! It’s that I think you’re intelligent, and the bullies at my school didn’t like clever kids. My brother was a lot like you – except for the risotto. 😀

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