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Indonesia day 2- How to snorkel and fish

Hi people! It’s Indonesia day 2 and today I will be teaching you how to snorkel and FISH!!

On Labun Island there were a lot of fun sea activities to do. I tried most of them. The best one was snorkelling.  I hadn’t snorkelled before, so on my first attempt, a man from the same group called Kevin helped me. I walked down a wooden ladder into the sea, I washed my snorkel and goggles in the sea water (VERY salty), then I wore the snorkel and made sure the water didn’t get into my eyes and nose.

Snorkelling with Kevin and his son, Ian. I was on the right.

Here’s how to do it properly:

  • Clean your snorkel tube and goggles.
  • Put the snorkel tube in your mouth and bite the little mouth pieces HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wear a life jacket and go into the water (a ladder would be helpful)
  • Start swimming or just float slowly and see the fish and coral!

I felt amazed at the fishes in the water. I couldn’t take any pictures though. I saw sea snakes (Ok, not a fish), sea urchins (again, not a fish) and vibrant, beautiful coral (Still, not a fish). And………………………………………….fish (now THAT’S a fish). I saw parrotfish, baby groupers, angelfish and a lot more fish which I don’t know of. I swam about 1000 meters each time.

That’s me snorkelling on the Labun island

The second time was with a kind Indonesian man called Yatno, who is from a local tribe. It was just as good as the first time. I gulped some sea water though. It was YUK!

Speaking of fish, I also did fishing, which is MUCH more boring than snorkelling. I’ve learned fishing from Andrew, my tour guide and Idel, another local fisherman. I even went late night fishing with Idel under a starlit sky.

Late night fishing with Idel

You put bait on a hook, cast the line in the water and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And… well you got the gist of it. We used squid that we caught previously as bait. After you put bait on the hook, you grab hold of the line and loosen it. Then you THROW it as FAR as you can. Wait for the plop that tells you that the bait is under the water. Tighten the line and reel it up and move the line. Don’t reel up too quickly though. Wait for the fish to bait… I mean bite. You can tell the fish is biting when you feel tugging on the line. Then reel it up to find out what fish it is. Remember to release the fish.

All I managed to catch was a baby grouper. I wanted to catch a shark and put it in the mini aquarium but there was no luck.

I caught a grouper with the help of Andrew

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Have you ever gone fishing under a starlit sky?

How about snorkelling? Have you ever done that? If not, will you try it?


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  1. Wonderful experience.

  2. What adventures! There’s nothing like seeing these things with your own eyes, however often one has seen them on telly. I wonder what you will do next. Jungle trekking?

  3. I love snorkelling too – but I think they should have given you flippers to help you swim faster and easier.

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