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Indonesia day 1- Dog, sharks and floating houses

Do you know what this is? (There’s a hole in the middle)

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t written in the last four days… well, it’s a long story, but here goes…





OK, maybe that was a TINY bit exaggerating. We actually went to a small traditional fishing island off the coast of Batam Island off the coast of Indonesia near Singapore. The journey was pretty hectic.

My mum’s brother took us to Harbourfront, where we could travel to Indonesia by ferry. We then met up with my mum’s niece, her husband and her 3 year old daughter, who talks more than me (I’m her uncle by the way… it’s complicated). Then we got on a ferry to get to Batam Island of Indonesia. When we arrived at the customs, there was a rule saying “Don’t make noise”. Three young men behind us got told off by security for talking. After THAT, we got on an hour long mini van journey until we stopped over at a village – it was just a wooden house floating on the sea. The village was very primitive. I needed the toilet desperately, so we went into the house and the toilet was just a hole in the ground. I was utterly flabbergasted.

Megan is my cousin’s daughter — I’m her uncle.

After THAT we went on ANOTHER boat to a tiny island called Labun. The houses were called Kelongs and they were on stilts and floating. Luckily there were proper flush toilets.

We lived in these floating houses on the sea

Luckily there’s a flush toilet in my floating house

We had lunch and got introduced to a dog called Daisy, who MY niece (the 3 year old talkative girl) was scared of. Daisy was very friendly (but sometimes a bit over friendly though). At the Kelong, there was a mini-aquarium where there were sharks and fish swimming about. I saw nurse sharks and angle fish.

Daisy is a friendly dog on Labun island, Indonesia

There’re sharks and angle fish in this aquarium. Andrew (left) is a great guide and he is one of the owners of this Kelong.

Have you been to a Kelong before?

I will be writing more on my holiday. One post for each day!

We stayed in this Kelong for 4 days


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  1. Very interesting to hear about your experiences, Ben. We have, yes, stayed in places rather like this. As concerns toilets, I do agree that far eastern travel can be challenging.

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