Champion of Eastleigh! (Me)

You will be AMAZED about this post. Just read on…

On Tuesday I went swimming with my mum in Spirit Health Club. The manager (Jonathan Eggett)  had just completed the Olympic torch relay. He kindly let us hold the torch. The torch was about half my height! It was exciting to hold it.

Ben and Jonathan with the Olympic torch

We took some pictures of us holding the glorious torch. The day after, I showed my picture with the torch to my friends at school, and everyone went “Wow!” After school my mum said she had a surprise for me.

It was a water bottle and a mug with my picture with the Olympic torch on. Mum said she made them especially for me at the school where she worked . My mum is COOL!

My Olympic mug and water bottle

I am probably one of the few lucky people to hold an actual Olympic torch. I am very proud.

I’m the champion!

So, what Olympic experiences do you have?


8 thoughts on “Champion of Eastleigh! (Me)

  1. Hi Ben. I was very impressed with your ebook. It came across with a lot of energy. I think you are very talented. Perhaps you should become a journalist or an author . . . .?

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