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The answer to why I didn’t write in the half term

Robert Baden-Powell, at the first Scout encamp...

Robert Baden-Powell, at the first Scout encampment, August 1907, Brownsea Island, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t write my blog two weeks ago because I was on a Scout camp. There, question answered. Post has finished. Goodbye!

… wait, you’re still here? I suppose you want to know about the camp. One very interesting thing was Brownsea Island, the origin of Scouting… Curious, aren’t you?

Brownsea Island had a little hut which explained the history of Scouting. It began in 1907 (I know, it’s been a VERY long time)! The founder of Scouting, Robert Baden-Powell, ran a meeting on Brownsea Island which had about 20 boys, who were the first Scouts. Three years later, his sister and his wife made the Guides as girls were protesting that it was unfair that boys got to join Scouts and girls didn’t have anything.

Annnnyway, back to Brownsea Island. Another famous thing about it is that it has RED SQUIRRELS! AWWW, SO CUTE! The special thing about them is that they are almost extinct on mainland Britain.

Another thing: Grey squirrels are MEANIES! The grey squirrels got stowed away on ships to Britain and took over from the red squirrels. The greys drove the reds extinct except on Brownsea Island and parts of Scotland and the Isle of Wight.

Other residents of the island are peacocks, sika deer, terns and snails. You can take a boat trip to the island from about £10 from Poole (This is only a guess, so don’t blame me if it’s more expensive!)

Red Squirrel
(Image via Flikr by Peter Cruickshank;


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  1. On Brownsea Island there used to be a pottery and if you walk all round the island you will find a beach at the north west corner that is made of pottery shards. I hope you had an enjoyable week!

  2. Reblogged this on 英国琐记 and commented:
    儿子两周前和童军去野营,去了一个叫 Brownsea Island (白浪岛)的地方。

    原来,那是世界童军发源地,首次露营是 1907年。原来这么重要的地方,就离我家不远。

    这个白浪岛,也是英国稀有红松鼠的庇护所。在英国本岛,因 “外来移民” 灰松鼠入侵,本土物种红松鼠已近乎绝迹了。



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