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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship is needed to care for animals

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

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The pictures here were taken in Andover Bird Park and London Zoo. Every zoo and nature park I’ve been to has had friendship- not just between animals but with the keepers and animals. Some animals have individual names, which shows friendship; some keepers must treat them as their own pets. The pictures show animals and zoo keepers having fun together while on show and the friendship between them.

For example, the eagle and the keepers were training for years to perfect the flight which the eagle flies. Every time he does it right, he is awarded with a tasty nibble. Although the eagle does not know it, the keepers are treating it as a friend. Also the Komodo Dragon is the top predator where they normally live, but in a zoo they are special and isn’t as violent as their wild kin. A keeper getting up close to a wild Komodo Dragon would probably die!


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  1. Love you slideshow on friendships. Thanks for the pingback.


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  3. I agree that animal keepers and trainers bond with their animals and they do love them, and this kind of friendship must be unique.

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  6. lensaddiction

    A different take on the friendship concept, and I like it

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  11. I agree with lensaddiction and it’s a great slideshow…thanks also for the pingback! 🙂

  12. Great post. These friendships between keeper and charge can be very deep. Those between a Komodo Dragon and keeper is amazingly incredible!!! Thanks so much for the pingback too

  13. Lovely photos! BTW, thanks for the pingback!

  14. Nice interpretation of animal picture. Didin’t expect there will be a picture of komodo in this weekly challenge. Yeah, babysitting komodo is truly dangerous? Are you ever visit Flores Island of Indonesia? Wow, I am Indonesian but I haven’t visited it yet. I am jealous of you.

  15. Really lovely post!

  16. Fantastic perspective… TY for the pingback. 😉

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  18. Komodo dragon is a wonder of nature. Save them…


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