A rabbit with horns and a cow whose poo explodes

The world of myth is fascinating. If in a million years’ time, aliens come down to earth, they will probably treat stuff like Harry Potter as epic poems and ordinary animals as mythical beasts. This is where a lot of myths nowadays originate from. Like when settlers came to Africa, they saw a beast with hair over its eyes (wildebeast). They called it the catoplebas, and it had hair over its eyes to protect people from its deadly gaze.

Catoblepas — image by Jan Jonston on Wikipedia

That was just one. Here are more interesting mythical beasts and where they came from.

  • Al-mi’raj– This rabbit from Islamic poetry has the horn of a unicorn.
  • Bonnacon – This Asian bull has burning dung.
  • Wendigo- An Algoquinan spirit which formed when someone turned into a cannibal.
  • Akhulut- An Inuit monster that is a half-dog, half-orca.
  • Shinigami- Japanese entitys that take souls to be judged.
  • Chi-lin- The equivalent of a unicorn in China.
  • Ahuizotl- A creature in Aztec belifs that mimics peoples voices.
  • Draugr- Undead creatures from Norse mythology.
  • Tzitzimitl- Another Aztec monster, these deitys are associated with stars.

A lot of these creatures I listed are obscure creatures from their country, like the akhulut and shinigami. I found them out in books and the internet. I have always been interested in mythical beasts and their stories and I’ve read a lot about them.  There are a lot more fascinating creatures. Why don’t you find them out?

What are your favourite  mythical creatures? Please leave a message and let me know.


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