No teddy bear’s picnic

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If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise – and it’s NOT bears! We have two woods near us – one is Ramalley, the other is Flexford. Flexford has cows and rabbits; Ramally has trees and dogs. One tree is known as the Big Tree- it’s very small! It’s very nice to walk about the woods and look at the wonderful things of nature. The other day, we saw a deer running away from us – or maybe it was a BEAR! There are also wild garlic growing in the wood.

It’s not always pretty though – we once saw a dead, half-eaten rabbit! (Apologies for those squeamish people who have just vomited). Also, in spring the cows can get very grumpy as the females have calves to look after. My dad and I once had a Close Encounter of the Cow kind!

So, apart from dead rabbits and grumpy cows, the woods are great. How many of you are fortunate enough to have woods so close to you? It takes me just three minutes to walk to them.

5 thoughts on “No teddy bear’s picnic

  1. New fact. When the Romans arrived in Britain, they brought garlic from Rome. After they finished, they’d chuck the inedible bits away. That’s why there’s wild garlic.

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